Frequently Asked Questions

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Escort Services- Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a model escort?

It is a pretty straightforward process. Check out the collection of our model and get important information about them. Tell us about the one that you select on the phone call or WhatsApp. After checking availability, we will book her for you. That’s it. Try to avoid last-minute bookings because these models have limited time for escort work.

How soon escort will reach my hotel room or apartment?

It all depends on the availability of your selected companion and how far you are staying. For example, it won’t take more than 45 minutes if you are living in the main city, but she may take up to 2 hours if you are living far from the city. Our team work carefully evaluates all the situations and work most professionally. You will be notified about the approximate time at the time of booking.

Can I talk to escort directly for booking?

No you can’t. You are only allowed to talk with the escort after booking her on the specified date. We work with a strict privacy policy due to which connecting with her beforehand isn’t possible. However, there is nothing to worry as our team is here to pass your personal preferences to the escort girl in advance.

How far can our escort travel?

The majority of our escort girls can travel to both national and international locations. However, the exact situation varies from one girl to another. Please understand that the travel expenses will be additional.

Will my information stay confidential & discreet?

We are a professional agency that always keeps all the details of clients confidential and discreet. Our team fully respects the importance of absolute privacy, and that’s why none of your details will ever be shared with anyone. Some of our top clients include famous actors, rich businessmen, corporate professionals, etc.

Is the cancellation of booking allowed?

We will be very thankful if you never cancel the booking after reservation without any solid reason. The reason behind that is the majority of our girls is models and has their own project. They also make certain preparations, and it will be great if you treat them with respect. However, if you have to cancel the booking by any chance, we suggest informing our team before the escort arrives.

Is there any certain age to book an escort girl at this agency?

You can only book escort services from our agency if your age is more than 18 years. There is no way a minor can book escort services from this agency. However, a man can never be old for booking the services of an escort babe.

Are there any guidelines for behaving with the escort girls?

It is one of the most intelligent questions that you have thought. We want you to treat with respect and never force her into anything she doesn’t accept. It will allow her to perform according to her capability for extreme level fun.

What to do if I fall in love with an escort girl?

It is truly a great feeling to fall in love with a sizzling escort girl. The reason behind that is you will book her again and again for sure. You will treat her as a soul mate and get the most alluring feeling in return. However, we suggest avoiding asking for personal details because these babes prefer to keep things confidential.

Is it a good idea to meet with the escort outside of agency services?

We are pretty assured that you have a solid reason for booking an agency escort instead of an independent escort. The same goes for the escort who gets the much-needed security while working through the agency. That’s why you will see our ladies never getting agree for meeting outside of our consent. If you don’t want to spoil your date, then it is good to avoid this thing.

Can we book an escort as a couple?

Trust us; it is a very thrilling thing to book an escort girl as a couple for learning new experiences. Not only all the girls qualified for this work because all of our babes aren’t bisexual. Check out the list before confirming the girl for erotic fun.

What to do if a model escort doesn’t exceed my expectations?

We always make sure it never happens if you choose to book the services of our agency. It has never happened yet thanks to the sizzling services offered by our girls over the past few years. However, we suggest you cancel the booking within a few minutes once you realize there is no chemistry between you. Please compensate with the girl for her time, travel, and effort.

Why is your escort service costly?

Unlike cheap platforms, you will always find luxurious companionship at our agency. We often get questions from people about why your services are costly when compared with others. See, we choose an escort girl after an extended evaluation. You will only find legal and accurate pictures here for ensuring that clients get for what they pay for.

Do you provide incall services?

None of our escort girls provide the incall services to the clients. It is strongly suggested to book her for the hotel or a private residence. You may have to give a little bit of extra information while booking the services for the first time.